Meet our Authors


Pamela Mosby

As one of 3 girls and a mother of 2 boys, Pamela Mosby is very familiar with sibling issues and the need for anger management.  Pamela is a graphic designer and owner of She is an active mentor to the youth in her community through volunteering, committee and Board positions on the PTA,  a leadership role in the development of activities to satisfy the needs of Gifted/Talented kids and serves on the Board of The Foundery.  Pamela lives in Katy, Texas with her 2 boys, 2 pets and lots of noise and dirt.



Toni Serena

Author/Illustrator, Toni Serena is a mother, an adoptive parent and an open adoption advocate.  Her book, Charli’s Super Big Family Tree is a sweet spin on what took place the day her daughter, Charlotte popped the big question, “Mommy, if I didn’t grow in your tummy, where did I come from?”  Along with the fictional children’s book, Ms. Serena also includes her family’s personal story of embracing openness.  As an open adoption advocate, she addresses both the challenges and rewards of open adoption.

 Toni Serena is a native Texan.  She lives in Katy, Texas along with her husband, Bob, their children, Nicholas and Charlotte,
and their beloved maltipoo, Lola.
“This family, our family is Charlotte’s norm.  It’s natural.  It’s all she has ever known.  Open Adoption is a gift to an adopted child.  It provides, self-confidence, connection, and the opportunity to love and be loved by many.” – Toni Serena
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Angel Canafax

Angel Scott Canafax lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband, James, and two boys, Jace and Cade. She enjoys reading and spending time with her family and friends.  Angel is working on her next book – a Cajun counting book.





Amy Brever


Kristen Molder

As a child, Kristen knew she would be an artist and art teacher. Her first trip to college, though, earned her a B.S. in Advertising. Later down the road, she found her way back to her passion and went back to school at the University of Texas at Austin for her art degree and teacher certification.

Though she devotes most of her time to inspiring the next generation of creative souls, she paints often in her studio, with her faithful fuzzy helper, Jellybean. She currently teaches junior high art in a suburb of Houston.
You can find Kristen at Purple Lizard Studio.