Children’s Books

I’m So Angry by Pamela Mosby

MSRP $7.99


Children’s Anger Management Book – What’s a boy to do when he gets angry with his brother? His mother says count to 10, so he channels his anger into 10 imaginative ways to deal with his brother.

Most Recent Review:

5.0 out of 5 stars This is a gem! April 20, 2013

This children’s book combines the age-old “count to ten” advice with a child’s creative imagination in dealing with anger. Pamela Mosby has captured the unique dynamic between brothers and while doing so, teaches an important coping strategy for children. Rhyming scenarios which plot revenge buy just enough time for a cool-down period which changes “I’m so angry” into something like, “what was I angry about”? BRAVO!!!!!


Charli’s Super Big Family Tree by Toni Serena

MSRP $12.99


What does Open Adoption mean?  Charli is wondering if she didn’t grow in mommy’s tummy, where did she come from.  Her imagination takes a wild ride.  Did she hatch from an egg or sprout from a flower?  Was she beamed down to earth by an alien?  With the help of her mommy and a letter from her birthmother, Charlie learns that Open Adoption means she is a part of a super big family tree.


In The Wind by Angel Canafax



Release April, 2013